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TX-40 40mm Less Lethal Reloading System & Propelling Charges
TX-40 is the only reloading system specifically designed for 40mm less-lethal launching systems that
utilize reusable projectiles and standard M212 cases.  The TX-40 is easy to use, requires minimal
training, and needs only one tool change to accomplish all loading functions.
The Ten-X Tactical propelling charges are unique to each 40mm casing brand to be reloaded.  The
pre-loaded propelling charges and Burst Disks (in the case of Defense Technology) offer an efficient
powder burn with consistent muzzle energy and velocity.  Several rounds can be reloaded in less
than one minute.
The TX-40 allows departments to cost effectively reload their 40mm less-lethal training rounds with
Propelling Charges that replicate duty round performance.  With the price of new 40mm duty rounds
exceeding $25 each, the TX-40 reloading system now gives law enforcement a simple solution to
increase 40mm training while
decreasing training costs to about $1 per shot.  
The solid metal construction of the TX-40 makes it extremely durable.  The powder coated finish and
minimal moving parts mean maintenance of the TX-40 a breeze.  
When ordering, specify the manufacturer of the less lethal training rounds to be reloaded (i.e.,
Defense Technology*, CTS, and ALS).
* Ten-X Ammunition, Inc. is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with Defense Technology Corporation of America (DTCA).
TX-40 Instruction
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* Tripled training shots fired per year per officer from 4 to 12+.
* Almost all Patrol Division personnel now 40mm qualified.
* Cost savings allowed purchase of additional launchers.
* Increased officer safety and reduction of suspect injuries.
The 40mm Expander Die can save even severely
dented aluminum shells for reloading!
Replacement &
Optional Parts Price
Purchase of items from the Replacement & Optional Parts Price Sheet require
previous registration of a TX-40 Reloading Press with Ten-X Ammunition, Inc.