TX-12™ Special Task Weapon
The TX-12™ Special Task Weapon™ (STW) is the latest product release for law enforcement and military applications from Ten-X Tactical™. The TX-
12™ STW is the industry’s first and only underslung, double action, ambidextrous, 12ga firearm that maintains Primary Weapon Readiness (PWR).
Weighing less than 1 kilo (2.2 lbs), it is the lightest 12ga firearm ever created for mounting under a primary rifle.

With military demands for significant weight reductions and increased operator safety, and tactical law enforcement’s need for flexibility in dynamic
environments, the TX-12™ STW was envisioned and created.  The TX-12™ STW accepts up to 3 inch 12ga lethal rounds, and can also fire all forms of
less lethal 12ga rounds, such as beanbags, flash bangs, chemical, flares, and line launching devices.

Operators get more than just 12ga door breaching, lethal force, and less lethal capabilities; they’ll also have increased safety by ensuring that PWR
is maintained while using the TX-12™ STW. Operators will never have to transition away from their primary weapon.

Reduced operator fatigue results from the weight reduction, allowing the operator to use their weak hand to operate the TX-12™ STW and
increasing operator safety by maintaining PWR. Reduced training costs result from similarities to using existing weapons, common use of primary
weapon sights, and the simplicity of rail mounting. The low profile design of the Destructive Device (DD) version of the Fire Control Module (FCM)
preserves the popular CQB tactical hold ahead of the magazine well. The FCM Pistol Grip design for the Any Other Weapon (AOW) version creates
the familiar vertical hand hold position when mounted further foward.

The single shot loading system gives the operator the flexibility to quickly react in a dynamic environment. Whether the situation calls for a door
breeching round, a flash bang, or a less lethal round, the operator has the control to make the decision and load the appropriate round for that
threat. No need to empty a tube or change magazines. Simply open the breech and load the suitable round.

Some of the unique TX-12™ STW features include:  the FCM holds the trigger group assembly and enables easy field servicing by removing a single
captive takedown pin; ambidextrous loading, double action (DA) trigger, and a simple T-lock to open the breech; no dismounting required to field
service the primary weapon; and, replaceable industry-standard, threaded barrel standoff device (BSD) for effective door breeching.

The TX-12™ STW mounts to MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails with custom built hardware for solid mounting and easy dismounting. The 10.5 inch barrel
configured with its 7.5 inch barrel, the TX-12™ STW becomes the perfect complement to a 10 inch short-barreled or bull pup style platform for CQB
situations. The TX-12™ STW can also be customized to meet specific requirements by contacting Ten-X Tactical. The Pistol Grip on the 7.5 inch
version works perfectly with a forward positioned rail, like is found on an FAL.
The TX-12™ STW is primarily
intended for Law Enforcement and
Military use. It is classified under
the National Firearms Act (NFA).
TX-12 Special Task Weapon
12 Gauge, Underslung Firearm
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